Amazon hiring Seasonal Employees for Fulfillment Center in Lebanon Tennessee

Amazon Fulfillment Center in Lebanon Tennessee

Amazon is creating one hundred thousand seasonal job opportunities in United States. And Amazon said that thousands of seasonal employees were hied as full time employees after last year’s holiday season.

According to the information released from mayor’s office, Amazon will be hiring seasonal employees for the coming holiday season, and there will be more than 2 thousand job opportunities available at the Amazon’s fulfillment center in Lebanon Tennessee.

These positions comes with several shift options, and the pay up to 14.5 dollars an hour, you will get extra 250 bucks as sign-on bonus. You can use the job code 780S to submit a job application by visiting here. For more information about the job, check this.

And below is some information that you might be interested in Amazon’s Fulfillment Center in Lebanon Tennessee.

    • Entire building is more than 1 million square feet.


    • More than 1 million items are stored everyday.


    • Fulfillment center in Lebanon specializes in larger items such as TV, bikes, pianos.


    • Fulfillment center in Lebanon are able to box odd-shaped items without waste.


    • Fulfillment center in Lebanon has about 650 full-time workers.



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